We carry a large variety of frozen fruits
Stocked for your Summer Cocktails and Desserts.
(Beef - Hogs - Lamb)

Custom processing means your beef, pig or lamb is custom cut and packaged to your specifications. The animals are locally farm raised brought to us by the farmer.  If you don't know of any farmers in your area who raise choice beef, hogs or lambs we can provide you with a list. We process 5 days per week. After processing, your meat will be frozen and ready to pick up 24 hours after processing. 

The price includes Butchering, Processing, Wrapping and Freezing. The Butchering Fee is $70.00 and $0.72/lb for processing based off the hanging weight.  We do offer Vacuum Packing for an extra $0.20/lb. Butchering for hogs is $35.00 and Processing is $0.72/lb. Lambs are $80.00 for standard cut.  *If you are only purchasing a side of beef, you will pay half of the slaughter fee ($35.00), and for a quarter of a beef you will pay one quarter of the slaughter fee ($17.50).

The quantity of each cut will depend on size of beef and the thickness of cuts you choose. 

Bob and his meat-cutting specialist will easily guide you through the process. 

Located in downtown Baltimore, Ohio (map) 740-862-4880. We also offer Frozen Seafood, Fruit, Vegetables and More.

Our selection includes Steaks, Roasts, Pork Chops, Brats, Bulk Hamburger and Patties. We also carry frozen seafood, fruits, vegetables and specialty items and more  They are pre-packaged for quick pick-up.

Stop by for our selection to stock your freezer today!
We now offer Pre-ordering for Quick pick-up. Most items are available for Wholesale. Call Twin City for details @ 740-862-4880 or Email us at: twincitymeats@gmail.com
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Monday-Thursday 7:30am-5pm
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Saturday 8:30am-Noon
Sunday - Closed
Closed Labor Day
Dog Food offered
by Twin City

Ground Mix, Meat Scrap, Dog Bones, Chicken Necks, Chicken Backs
(Special Ordered)